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No but can you imagine Taemin having to go on all of the variety shows alone and look interested during the parts that involve sitting still and listening to someone talk? This is going to be a magical era for fans of dgaf Taeface.



tbh one of the most important things i’m looking forward to for taemin’s solo is the rest of shinee supporting and cheering for him in the most embarrassing dad way possible

No, but remember that time they cheered like crazy people & totally did the “embarrassing dad” wave as Taemin came off stage during the Spectrum performance?


Taemin: “Yes, yes I see you!”


Jinki’s response is, of course, my favourite, though Key’s is pretty hysterical.  

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Onew caught Taemin dozing off



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tagged by both jongupallnight and babiesfortheroad (both beautiful, wow) for the six selfies meme (6 selfies from 2014)!

… this is totally awkward and stuff… and when I started tumblr I said I would never ever post selcas… but oh well!!! So I guess… hai people! this is me!

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